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3 (more) Hollywood Effects in Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Adobe Premiere Pro, Green Screen, Hollywood effects, Special Effects, Super Hero, VFX

Learn how to crawl on walls like Spiderman, fly with your bike like ET or jump over roof tops in Hollywood films like Mission Impossible. In this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial video we’re recreating 3 effects from famous Hollywood films!

Another weekend has passed and it’s time to be creative again. And we are doing something we already did today. We are going to explain 3 Hollywood effects in a simple and fast way, so you guys can create your own Hollywood movies. In the previous Hollywood effect video we showed you how to create a Lightsaber, a Superman lift off and how to be Wonderwoman. This time we are doing some different effects of course, but we are still staying in the action super hero theme.

I think after the Infinity Wars movie Spiderman is quite famous. If he wasn’t already. Well In this video we are going to show you how you can crawl like Spiderman on the wall. We are going to do it a bit different then in Hollywood. They’ve huge studios where the can build fake walls or they just go to a real building for their stunts. Well we don’t have the tolls and expertise to do that. So are going to use an old technique that was used often when CGI wasn’t that advanced. In this technique we are going to use perspective to our advantage. Instead of climbing a wall, we are going to crawl over the floor on a green screen. This shot we can then match in post production and lay it over a second scene where you film the place where you action is happening.

Games Of Thrones Climbing The Wall

Like you probably already know most of the effect in Hollywood is done with green screen. And I mean a lot! Sometimes your are watching a scene and it’s highly likely that most of the scene is green screen. They then build the rest of the scene in post production so it would fit better in the movie. The other two effects we explain in the tutorial also involve a green screen. But to know how they work, you should definitely check out the tutorial.

Life Of Pi: Boat scene
Life of Pi


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