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Crawl out the ground in Premiere Pro (Post Malone)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Green Key, Green Screen, Masking, Post Production, Practical effect, premiere pro, Ultra key, visual effect

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Learn in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial how to crawl out of the ground like Post Malone’s Music Video ‘Goodbyes’. Learn how create a fun effect with greenscreen and blending.

Another week and that means another awesome Copy Cat Friday. For this week’s video we are going to be a little bit nostalgic. We often mention that the sinking through the ground tutorial from Kendrick Lamar our favorite Copy Cat is. It’s a video were we combine practical and visual effects. We actually build a case with gravel inside so that we could match it with the street. A super simple effect, but with such a great result. A reason why it is one of our favorite videos. Now you are probably thinking, how is this nostalgic? Well today we are going to do an effect were instead of sinking through the ground, we are going to crawl out of it. For this week’s Copy Cat tutorial we are going to recreate Post Malone his newest video Goodbyes.

To recreate the effect where Post Malone crawls out his own grave, you can solely use practical effects. You can dig a shallow grave, lay your actor inside and fill up the hole. Then you start shooting and let the actor crawl out his own grave. Super simple, except you have a downside. The actor will be really buried and so you’ll have some risk, like suffocation. That’s why we decided to find a completely different way of achieving the effect. We went for a safe way that requires a little bit more work in post production. I’m not saying you have to start 3D modeling and tracking everything. No, it will take some masking and green keying at the utmost.  Personally I’m more fan of practical effects, as it will be more realistic due to the fact that you are really in the scene. But safety is priority so no burying Jordy for real this time.

Rise from the Grave in Premiere Pro

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