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Sci-Fi Hologram Inspired By Blade Runner (Premiere Pro)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Blade Runner, Hologram, premiere pro

How to create a hologram effect with Adobe Premiere Pro. Easy Sci-Fi tutorial inspired by Blade Runner 2049. Walk through a person.

Like everybody already knows the new Blade Runner is out. And because we are film-nerds we went to the cinema right away to see this brilliant piece of cinematography. Throughout whole the movie, you are stunned with spectacular scenes. The set design and locations are perfectly picked and dressed to create this post-apocalypse Sci-fi atmosphere.  But for this tutorial we went for the holograms, which were very present in the movie. We explain how you can create a hologram in a simple way in Premiere Pro.

Except for their stunning sets and awesome visual effects, the use of light was perfect in this movie. They used light to guide the viewer throughout the movie, leading them from important part to the next. But they also used light in creating atmospheres! This in combination with the heavy and vibrant color grading they used, turns the movie into a spectacle for the eye.

1. Blade Runner Hologram Joi
2. Blade Runner Dessert Scene
3. Blade Runner Teal and Orange Colorgrading

The storyline of Blade Runner is in my opinion not the strongest one, but it in combination with the cinematography it tingles my filmbrain. They tried to revive the themes from the first Blade Runner, such as ‘who can be truly considered human and how that’s linked to our ability as a species to feel empathy for others’. But the main focus was on the question of freedom. Are we really free if we are governed by the laws of the universe?

If you haven’t seen Blade runner 2049 yet, I would highly recommend on seeing it in the cinema! It’s a slow building action movie with awesome cinematography, definitely worth the watch!

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