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We recreated the You Can’t Stop Us | Nike advert (Premiere Pro)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

david fincher, nike commercial, Premiere pro tutorial, split screen, you cant stop us nike

Nike Split screen

If you have been active on the internet you have for sure seen Nike’s new ad “You Can’t Stop Us” This went so viral it now has 41 million views in just 4 days! Here you can see different sports transitioning from one to another. Making it look like it belongs together. The makers used stock footage and carefully matched the movement of each clip to create this stunning masterpiece.

You Can't Stop Us
Nike Commercial

Split Screen Technique

Using split screens is not new at all as you probably can guess. It has been used in films as early as 1916(The Queen of Spades)! The reason to use it can also differentiate a lot. You can use it to showcase a copy of something, difference between reality and a dream, To bring multiple people in 1 shot like the typical phone call, etc…

Phone Spit Screen Example
Doris Day’s
500 days of summer Split Screen
500 Days of Summer

But filmmakers don’t only use this in such a obvious way. David Fincher uses a “invisible split screen” where he puts a cut between 2 actors in the same shot. The reason for this is so he can manipulate time in a dialogue. He stretches or overlaps the performance of the actors to make it that more perfect. If you are interested in learning more about this make sure to check this video of No Film School where they talk more in depth about this technique.

Creative Splitscreen use

And now i would like to end this article where I started it, Split screen commercial. I found this ad of Vero Insurance where they also used this technique in a really creative way. So make sure to watch this ad!


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