The Super Title for Premiere Pro

The Super Title is a motions graphics template for Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s a super versatile template, meaning you can change almost anything you want. Create your own unique animations and color schemes.

Free for personal and commercial use (CC BY 4.0)

Video Pack Info

Update CC 2017 of Adobe came with an all new Essential Graphics window. This allows creators to make a template inside After Effects and share it with Premiere Pro users, who on their turn can easily adjust the text, colors and more.

Although it seems easy for most end users, adding more options into such a template isn’t so convenient. But with the Super Title, we break that rule!

We’ve made one template file that is packed with tons of pre-made options. You can chose different text and background animations, add extra touches to it like a bounce effect or 3D text and change the colors of any element.

On top of that we’ve made the impossible possible, by giving the option to change the text font. This is not possible through the essential graphics, but we’ve found a way around it!


The most versatile template ever made for Premiere Pro. Create custom motion graphics!


No knowledge of After Effects needed. Very easy to use in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Easily Adjustable

Change almost anything you want with the Graphic Essentials panel in Premiere Pro.

How to use

To start, make sure you have Adobe After Effects installed as well. You don’t need to open it, just have it installed.

There’re basically two options to install the templates. First is via the Essential Graphics Panel. Click on the button in the top right which says ‘Install Motion Graphics Template…’. Simply locate the Super Title file from your download.

Install Motion Graphics Template
How to import a Motion Graphics Templates in Adobe Premiere Pro


Premiere Pro tells me that After Effects is not installed.

This is a known bug. Please try to restart Premiere Pro or your computer. If the issue keeps coming back, try to open and close After Effects.

The file format is not supported

Make sure you have the latest update of Premiere Pro and After Effects installed. Don’t import or drag the template files into Premiere Pro, but use the Essential Graphics panel to install the templates. (see tutorial on the top of the page)

Is my Adobe Premiere Pro Version Compatible?

You need to have Adobe After Effects CC 2017 (or above) installed in order to make the template work in Premiere Pro.