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1 Million YouTube Subscribers! (No celebration)

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Cinecom Complete Bundle
We reached one million subscribers! Thank you so much to everyone who have been supporting us! This time we don’t celebrate with a give away contest. We wanna do something different and help children in Sri Lanka for better education!

It’s finally here! The one Million Video, the most anticipated video in Cinecom History. Believe me it is a honour having so much awesome subscribers. And I’m proud to call me a member of Cinecom, all because of you guys.

But before I Start this article I want to talk about the most important thing in this video. We thought to ourselves, it is time to give more. And that’s what we are going to do. We started a Go Fund Me Page for a charity in Sri Lanka, A Heart For Sri Lanka. This charity is founded by Belgian teachers and focuses on teaching the youth in Sri Lanka. They also build schools and supply them with everything the children need to learn. They try to give the children a better education, so they can have a better future. That’s why we ask you to help us to raise money in order to help them. You can support us through this link to the Go Fund Me page from A Heart for Sri Lanka. Thank you so much!

Now with this one million video we also want to give some more to you guys. That’s why we decide not to do a give away. With a give away not everybody wins and that’s not okay. With this in mind, we decided to create a Cinecom Video Creator Pack. Which is full with video assets and most of all is free to download for all of you guys. Download the pack from the ‘Video Packs’ menu on the top of this website. We’ve added 4 new packs, specially for this milestone: LEAK, DUST, TRANS and LOOK. Enjoy!

Thank You Jordy

I remember like it was yesterday when I first started here at Cinecom. Exactly 2 years ago I joined Cinecom. Which was just at the moment Cinecom reached 50k subscribers. A whole new world opened up to me, the Youtube World. To be honest, when I first started I knew nothing about making Youtube movies. I had some experience in making movies, but never for Youtube. But with Jordy as my mentor, I couldn’t be in a more perfect place. Everything I know now is because of Jordy and I keep learning from him every day. So I’m super greatful to him for giving me the job of my dreams and believing in me. I can’t really thank him enough. So again Jordy Thank you Jordy for everything you have done for us all and everything you taught us!

Cinecom Complete Bundle

3 thoughts on “1 Million YouTube Subscribers! (No celebration)”

  1. Hi, I started to watch your videos before a couple of weeks ago. I’m inspired by you.
    So today I saw your 1miloin subscribers video. I want to thank you because of your heart you have to donate a country like us. So I don’t have money to donate because I don’t have any income because I’m a student but I can give you a huge thank you from bottom of my heart.
    Today I learn a big lesson from you, in the beginning, I don’t have anything but when you lift up, don’t forget to help people who around you willing helps and really need help.
    I don’t know if you reply me or not.
    If you can please tell what is that school is and where is it located?

    So Thank you so much because of your heart……

  2. Way to go Jordy and team. Congrats on 1 Million, but mostly congratulations on choosing to do something like this. Spreading education at a small school 1/2 way around the world, but also showing 1 million subscribers compassion.

    Stay compassionate – oh, and creative! John G


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