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What’s it really like to work at cinecom?

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honest answers, how it is to work at cinecom, Interview, Q & A

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Lorenzo and Yannick are doing a Q & A interview about working at Cinecom. They are giving honest answers about everything you asked and wanted to know.

Hey guys, Lorenzo here! Today we’ll switch things up and I’ll be taking about my experience here at Cinecom. Before starting here, I used to watch Cinecom. As someone who was very interested in filmmaking this was the perfect channel for me to learn a lot of tips and tricks. In October 2016 my school told me I needed an internship for the second semester of school so my first thought was Cinecom. I mailed Jordy and explained to him that I needed an internship and showed some of my past work so he knew what I was capable of doing. Fast forward to Februari 2017 I started my first day at Cinecom as an intern. After my internship was finished Jordy decided that I could stay and thats how I became a part of the Cinecom Team.

Lorenzo Heavy Rotation Effect

Looking back to myself when I started working here as an intern I notice that I already changed so much and its not even been a year! First of all I became better at camera work and editing. Jordy has so much experience and knowledge about filmmaking that I learn something new everyday. That is something I enjoy a lot! Next to that I also became so much better at speaking. There is a big difference when speaking to a person or to the camera. For a camera you need to speak even louder and articulate way more than you normally would.

And finally I want to tell you guys about the thing which I enjoy the most of working here at the office. The randomness. Everyday something different happens and it keeps things fun around here. These things go from arriving at the office and seeing that Jordy bought a rail for his skateboard to walking in on Jordy and Yannick screaming and clapping in the studio. It’s something which you would never see in a normal office and that is what I love about this place.

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