Our 3000 ft² Youtube Film Studio is finally complete! Join us for a studio tour and take a peek behind the scenes of a full time Youtube channel in Belgium.

Somewhere in June of 2017 I got the crazy idea to buy an industrial hall. Honestly, I didn’t had enough money to do much with it. But I guess a good entrepreneur has to make some risks right?

Okay, it wasn’t a wild purchase. The channel back then had over 100k subscribers and we saw a great growth. If this growth would continue, I was able to transform this empty place into a fine studio. And oh boy did that growth came fast. After merely a couple of months we could already start investing in everything that was needed.

Although our channel sponsors helped us finance this studio, it wouldn’t even be possible without you guys! So from the ground of my hearth; THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

All That Dust

The year of 2017 was for me the most stressful year. Not only because of the double work I was doing (Youtube and local production), but also because of all the work in the building. Everything was covered in dust for months. All our gear, the desks we worked on, EVERYTHING!

Being someone who likes everything tidy and clean, it was a nightmare to me!

Building Filmstudio

Delivering the materials. We had our ‘office’ in that white tent on the left.


The Winter

If everything would go like planned, me and Yannick will be editing warmly in September. Guess what; it’s December and we’re still in that tent! I’m very satisfied from the company that eventually build the office, but the contractors I tried to contact before were a total mess. Waiting for months on a quote, not delivering their promises, bad service and that list continues. Now I know what it’s like to build something and be depended of other people. That’s also why I did most of the stuff myself.

Around July I asked a company for insulation on our right wall. I contacted about 4 businesses, none of them replied. So I decided to just start myself on it. Funny enough, when I was done with the wall; one of those businesses called to ask what needed to be done. Is that typical for Belgium or is this normal in any country?

Film Studio Insulation

Attaching Rockwool insulation to the wall for isolation and acoustic treatment.

The Open Studio

But after all, I can’t complain. Besides the details here and there everything did come to a good end. We now have an open studio, which makes it multi-functional. At first I wanted to divide the space and create multiple smaller sets. Good thing I didn’t do that as this open space gives us the flexibility of driving a car into the studio or any other large object for a specific project.

Studio Skateboarding

I can even transform it into a Skate park!

Cinecom T-shirts

We finally made the decision to make our T-shirts open for the public. We’ve even added a few extra designs in there; Cinecom Merchandise 

LG 38WK95C UltraWide® Monitor

The brand new LG UltraWide monitor features a 3840×1600 resolution in its curved IPS display. With the support of HDR 10, sRGB 99%, USB Type-C and much more, this 21:9 aspect monitor is perfect for any video editing or graphical task!