VENGEANCE – Short Film

A Sci-Fi Thriller short film produced by Cinecom Belgium and directed by Eric Toms. In life you can’t always rely on what’s real and what’s not.

Home Stalone: A Deepfake Shortfilm

Sylvester Stalone as Kevin from Home Alone has stolen the idea book of YouTubers Jordy & Yannick. Will they break into the house and steal back their book? Find out in this deepfakes shortfilm.

‘BACKUP… RESTORE’ (2019) – SciFi Shortfilm

A SciFi short film about a relationship build on lies where Peter, the main character always has the upper hand. Anna doesn’t know in which world she lives, only her memories do. Inspired by Terminator ‘Dark Fate’, this short film was written and directed by Jordy Vandeput.

Routine (2019) – POV Sci-Fi Short Film

Through the eyes of the actor, you experience his daily routine. A routine that turns into a madness and glitches out his reality. A Point of View Sci-Fi short film in collaboration with Adobe.

we made a short film

Behind the scenes of our Short Film and my thoughts during the 10 days of productions. This was the most intense experience in my filmmaking career.