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5 Secret Greenscreen Tips (after effects tutorial)

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

After Effects, Cinematography, Green Screen, Hollywood effects, keying, Post Production, Tips and Tricks

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Every filmmaker should know these 5 Hollywood Greenscreen tips! Learn how to properly setup your greenscreen to pull the perfect chromakey in Adobe After Effects.

After the video from last Friday we had a dilemma, our  green keying skills weren’t good enough. For Friday’s video we used a huge green key and recreated a flying effect. However when we were editing the effect in post production, we had a super hard time pulling the green key. That’s why we decided to spend the weekend and Monday improving ourselves. So that we deliver super green keys in the future. But we also want to share our new found experience and tips with you so that you’ll also grow with us to a new level.

Using a green key or a blue key isn’t that simple. There are a lot of different factors to take into account. From the right light setup to the smallest wrinkle on the cloth itself. Every factor will determine how easy the key will be and the outcome of it. To be good, you need to strive to achieve the perfect key. And with this I mean, when you click with your color selector in After Effects to remove the green, the key has to be near perfect. You are always going to need some small adjustments in the settings, but nothing to drastic. So spending that extra time on the preparations of you green screen, can make you life in the editing room much easier. And of course you’re results will also be a lot better.

Green Screen Kingsman Golden circle
Visual Effects from Kingsman – Golden Circle (2017)

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1 thought on “5 Secret Greenscreen Tips (after effects tutorial)”

  1. Another great video guys. I’ve long wondered how they match so many different green backgrounds in hollywood movies.

    Isn’t it better though to use a blue screen for blonde haired actors since green screens actually contain some yellow in their colour spectrum?

    Stephen K


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