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Hoodie Smash Transition from TikTok

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

After Effects, Masking, masking tricks, premiere pro, rotoscope, Rotoscoping

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Learn how to recreate the hoodie smash transition from the famous TikTok trend in this Adobe After Effects tutorial video.

TikTok is full of VFX

As you know CopyCat started as a series where we recreate effects from famous film and music video. But for a good year now we broadened this to even anime and viral social media content. Which you guys seemed to like vey much! So for todays episode we went for a viral TikTok effect which you guys can make in Premiere Pro or After Effects really easily.

Create masks premiere pro vs After effects

For this effect you’ll need to past 2 to 3 different shots together and the best way to do this is with masks! This you can of course do in Premiere Pro or After Effects with the pen tool. On paper they should do the same and have almost identical features but in practice its a whole different story.

Masking in Premiere Pro
Making a simple mask in Premiere Pro

Masking in Premiere Pro is made for really basic stuff like doing a swipe transition for example. While After Effects can do more complicated masks like following a persons hand. And this might sound strange because I said before they are basically the same tool. Well the difference lies here in the usability. In After Effects you have much more control over how the mask should be, you can move the points really easy without adding extras, you don’t create Bezier curves on accident or even create where and how thick the feather should be at specific points in the mask.

Next to masking you can also rotoscope in After Effects. Which again does have its benefits and drawbacks over regular masking. The best thing about rotoscoping is for sure the fact that it’s AI driven. You can simply trace one frame in your video and the software will create a mask following the object itself, from time to time you’ll have to help out and remove or add pieces again to have a good result. Another BIG plus is that it has a hair tool to create a mask around your hair. And if you are someone that masks a lot you know masking out hair is near to impossible to look good by hand.

Rotoscoping duck in After Effects
Rotoscoping a Duck in After Effects

The downside here is that it’s meant to mask out objects and not parts of your scene you want to blend in, like we did in this weeks video. So that’s why it’s always good to use both depending on your scene and goal!


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