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50 MPH ‘kiki – In My Feelings’ Challenge (Drake)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Drake - In My feelings, editing tips an dtricks, Green Screen, In my feelings challenge, Internet Challenge, keying, premiere pro

Step out of a high speed driving car for the ‘In My Feelings Challenge’ by Drake in Adobe Premiere Pro. Learn how to pull the perfect green key in this (entertaining) tutorial video.

If been on the internet lately (what you probably did)  you have seen the newest trending challenge, named In my feelings. Drake recently released a new song called In my feelings and apparently everybody who hears it gets the urge to jump out of the car and dance to it. Well you know us guys, we like a good challenge and are ready to blow your mind with this one. However I would first like to say that this challenge is dangerous and we don’t recommend jumping out of a moving car. That’s just stupid! Like we explain in the video, it’s all fake and done in post production. So Please keep it all safe guys and be smart when doing stunts!

In My Feelings Challenge

After the success from our previous challenge, the best invisible box challenge, we couldn’t stay behind with this one. And belief us, it was a tricky one. We absolutely wanted to do this challenge at high speed, but the real life physics aren’t that easy to recreate. So we did some research on how you can jump out a fast moving car as realistic as possible. Like you probably can guess, there aren’t that much videos about people jumping out of a fast moving car and standing upright while doing it. Due to the speed of the car and the lack of speed of your body, you will swing down to the ground with a relative high speed. Usually resulting in heavy injuries. That’s why we all did it with a green screen and out of this world acting by Jordy.

That’s why I can’t say it enough, be careful you guys!


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