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Color correct a walking person in Premiere Pro Lumetri

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Color Correction, Masking, premiere pro

Learn how to color correct the skin tones of a walking person in Premiere Pro Lumetri. We mask and track the movement of our actrice to isolate her face.

In lesson number 17 you’ll learn how to mask the face of Kim while she’s walking, track her movement and perform a color correction to make her skin tones look better. We’ll be using tools from Premiere Pro without any third party plugins.

Masks can easily be created on a duplication of our video layer, on an adjustment layer or even inside the Lumetri effect. After fine tuning our mask, we can then track the mask to follow our model’s face while she’s walking. When the tracking goes wrong, you can stop during the process and steer it back to the right place. Not all subjects or situations are as easy to track.

After the tracking has been done, make sure to expand the feather of the mask so that your partial color correction isn’t noticeable. This color correction can be done with any plugin, but we recommend Lumetri as it’s a build in color correction tool for Premiere Pro.

Usually you want to make the skin tones more natural and warm. A great technique to make your subject pop out from to background is by making the background a bit darker and a little more blueish. And then make the skin tones of your actress brighter and a bit more warmer.

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