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How we made a ROTATING SET Effect (sort of)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

george ezra, george ezra shotgun, premiere pro, Premiere pro tutorial, skillshare

Learn how to make a DIY seamless spinning transition with LEGO in Adobe Premiere Pro. This tutorial is inspired by George Ezra’s Shotgun Music Video.

In todays video we explained how to recreate the spinning platform that you see in the music video Shotgun from George Ezra. Sadly we couldn’t recreate this effect on a large scale since you need a really large motorized crane and a high platform. So we needed to downscale the whole setup. This comes with the limitations that you cant physically be on the platform. Nontheless this opens A LOT of doors to use this easy and cheap DIY build in your upcoming videos.

George Ezra Shotgun
George Ezra ‘Shotgun’

For example a product video! Let’s say you have a brand of sodas with 4 different tasts. You can create 4 different platforms that suite the tast of each drink and have it rotate to each drink. Another example could be to change the square base even! You can use the bottem of the cans itself as the base and have it rotate from can to can.

In these examples we used this as full video but you can composite into other shots is you want for your next music video or short.

The possibilities with this simple technique are endless! I’m curious to see with what you guys can come up with.


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