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3 Amazing Transition Effects (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Video Effects

adjustment layer, invert, Masking, posterize, premiere pro, transition effects, transitions, wave warp

Learn how to create 3 awesome transitions with the invert, transform, wave warp and posterize effect in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial.

amazing transition effects in premiere pro

Transitions are some of the most frequently asked effects to be made in Adobe Premiere Pro. We all love them, we all use them. And there are so many possibilities to make these. Some people try to be super creative and create these transitions themselves inside Premiere, other just downloads transition packs from Storyblocks or other creators / stock sites.

Create your own transitions

Like mentioned above, there are so many ways to create transitions. You can create these in camera or in post production. Let’s go for the latter because we are creative editors of course.
What I like to do is place an adjustment layer above the cut where the transition needs to happen. Then I place effect on the adjustment layer to create the transition effect. Some fun effects to use are the wave warp effect. Which creates kind of a glitch. The invert effect, posterize effect and many more stylistic effects are super fun to use as well. You can always add a transform effect or crop effect to it to create a bit more dynamism.

invert effect
Animation with invert effect

Animating transitions

Animating these transitions is super easy. From the effect controls panel you just have to place 3 keyframes inside the effect. One keyframe in the beginning with a specific value, one at the end with the exact same value and a last keyframe in the middle with a different value.

Want to learn more effect?

Do you want to learn more about video editing or about special effects? Well Skillshare is the best platform for that. Thousands of classes are available for you. We also have a bunch of super interesting classes on there, about video editing, masking, composition and even a complete After Effects class for beginners.

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