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Behind the scenes talk about “Ho-ho-hopeless”

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After Talk, Behind The Scenes, Making Off

Ruben als Jordy talk behind the scenes about our Christmas short film. We discuss the scenario, pre-production and all the funny moments during the shoot.

Last week we created a comedy Christmas shortfilm. You can watch it here: Ho-ho-hopeless

It was a great experience to produce this short film and we love to share that with you. For this production, Ruben Ruette was our guest. He helped us with the scenario, the shooting and he even played one of the roles.

Every year me make a Christmas video as a replacement for a card. So the budget is always very low as we have to fund everything ourselves. Also, we where extremely limited in time due to everyone’s time schedule and we didn’t want to take too much time from the the volunteers.

But good preparations and some creativity can bring you far! The whole movie was filmed in one evening so we had to be creative with lighting and camera shots. In this video, we’ll have a look at some behind the scenes footage while Jordy and Ruben discuss how they managed the lighting, sound, camera and other productions tasks.

We also wanna shout a special thanks to Kevin Rosius who shot the behind the scenes footage.

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