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Ho-Ho-Hopeless, a Christmas shortfilm

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Christmas, Holiday, Short Film

Santa Claus is hopeless and tries to win in a poker game. Unfortunate he loses the most precious for his work. Enjoy this Christmas shortfilm featuring our lovely family and friends.

We proudly present our 2015 Christmas shortfilm. It was amazingly fun to make this shortfilm and you can watch the behind the scenes here.

I share the office together with my nephew who owns the publicity company “Fusemedia”. Together with his wife and kids we make a Christmas shortfilm every year. This year we made a comedy short film.

Last year we made a one-shot Christmas video with the DJI Ronin. You can watch that video here:  When Christmas goes wrong

We also wanna thank all our guests who volunteered to help produce this short film.

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year! We hope that everyone can spend the holidays with the people that they love. 2015 was a big year for Cinecom, we started the project and have been growing since then. 2016 looks very promising and hope to make more tutorials, courses and designer packs. Especially that last one as we’ve received many hungry questions for that 🙂

Happy Holidays,
Jordy, Kim, Gert, Silvy, Ruben, Kevin, Dimitri, Liam and Anika

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