IBC 2016 was a great experience again. I talked to amazing people and saw innovative film gear all around me. But this year’s visit taught me one lesson.

Monday 12 September at 6 AM my alarm went off. Usually I have so much trouble to get out of bed but today was different; we’re going to IBC!

IBC is the NAB of Europe. All the big and small brands come together to show their latest innovations. It’s the 5th time I’ve been to the exhibition and this year I decided to make a video of my experience on the floor. I asked myself the question “What did I learned at IBC 2016?”. Quickly I released it was that I can’t multitask. While I was trying to film enough footage for this video, I was also trying to meet up with my sponsors and talk to new interesting people. But most importantly I also had to enjoy IBC and just be the visitor, test out the new film gear.

Over the past 5 years I’ve seen many different trends. Back around 2012 everything was leaning toward 3D. This year I didn’t see any booth that did something with 3D. The innovations where more saturated and everyone was finding their own trends. It was definitely more interesting.

This video doesn’t cover IBC 2016, but it shares my experience. If you’re looking for a coverage I suggest to check out News Shooter or Cinema5D.