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5 Easy VFX under 5 Minutes in Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Adobe Premiere Pro, easy effects, Special Effects, VFX, Visual Effects

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Create simple and fast visual effects in Adobe Premiere Pro. Learn tips and tricks to get easy special effects in this tutorial video.

Why Premiere pro?

Everybody knows that we love Premiere Pro and that we also create a lot of effects in our favorite editing software. But you also all probably know, that normally you wouldn’t use Premiere Pro for the effects that we recreate. And the video of today is such an example.

When you look at professional Special effects, they are made in After Effects or Nuke. And this is of course with a reason. After Effects is specially made for creating Special effects, even the name says so. With all the functions and possibilities at your disposal, you can create stunning effects without breaking a sweat.

But why use Premiere Pro then? Well After Effects is a separate software and a lot of people don’t know their way around it. And that’s why we also use Premiere Pro to create effects. The main core of our audience are Premiere Pro users and of course they also want to recreate certain effects. That’s why we always try to create an effect first in Premiere Pro and if it really doesn’t work, then we use After Effects.

Using Turbulent Displace Effect In Premiere Pro
Using Turbulent Displace Effect In Premiere Pro

Premiere pro VS After Effects

But making effects in Premiere Pro come with a downside. You have a lot of in-software effects that you can use to recreate something, but they are still limited if you compare them to After Effects. A good example for this is motion blur. If you want to animate something and give it motion blur in Premiere Pro, then you’ll need to use the transform effect. An effect that often can produce some bugs. But in After Effects you just need to enable a motion blur button and poof you have motion blur, simple as that.

Frustrated Computer
Frustrated Computer

Another advantage of After Effects is the possibility to track motion of an object or the camera. But the main advantage in my eyes it the masking function. This is present in both software, but the masking in After Effects is so much better. And this is a real downside for making effects in Premiere Pro. However making effects in Premiere Pro also has made us more creative an intuitive.

Because due to all of the restrictions, you need to be creative to achieve something professional. You need to think outside the box and make the most of what you got.


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