5 ways to use a motion controlled slider

Take your motion controlled slider to unique places to capture stunning cinematic shots. These 5 camera tips are easy and simple. We use the Genie II and magic carpet pro slider from Syrp.

5 Tips for a Cinematic Travel Video

Learn how to film an amazing cinematic travel video with these 5 tips. I’ve been to Iceland recently and shot my own travel video. In this tutorial I’m sharing 5 tips from my experience so you too can make anĀ unforgettable travel video.

5 Camera Hacks using your Strap

Take your stabilization and transitions to the next level with these 5 simple and fast Camera hacks using the strap. Making professional shots on a budget with only your camera and a strap.

Is Vertical Video the Future? (Tips & Tricks)

Vertical Video has much hate, but in 2018 it doesn’t sound so crazy anymore. Use vertical framing to your advantage in your video-stories and stand out as a social media filmmaker. In this video we share some camera tips and creative tricks.